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  1. Zingoni ha aggiunto un messaggio nella discussione alimentati con solo scagliola   

    Meanwhile, I must say that I agree with what has been written so far. Because, as regards the amino acids contained, they are all there, although not in perfect balance, but those present are more than enough. In particular Lisina, Istidina, Tryptophan, etc. For the rest, fats are more than enough to convey the fat-soluble vitamins needed by birds. Therefore as a maintenance food, scagliola is sufficient and it is the seed that is more cultivated for small birds, while the other seeds are cultivated for other purpose, especially to extract the fats for human consumption (rape, niger, etc. .). Naturally during the reproductive period the feeding will have to be different from this so that the relationship between the various amino acids is more suited to the needs of the nest; what is obtained in the easiest way by using chicken egg as a carrier of top quality proteins.
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  2. Zingoni ha aggiunto un messaggio nella discussione Arricciati del Nord   

    The question seems to me to require an obvious answer: selection, selection, without ever getting tired.
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  3. Zingoni ha aggiunto un messaggio nella discussione trattamenti precove o preventivi   

    Given that of each drug administered to Canaries, one must be certain of the dose, the pre-treatment or preventive treatments are advisable without reservations if you know the disease that you want to cure. In any other case they are unrealistic. I have a very significant personal experience. A few years ago my kennel suffered from a very specific disease. I subjected all the subjects to a preventive treatment with an appropriate drug and from that moment every problem has definitively disappeared. To be more precise, the disease was mycoplasmosis. Of course, if possible, the antibiogram should be obtained.
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  4. Zingoni ha aggiunto un messaggio nella discussione Da quali canarini iniziare   

    Begin to live actively in the world of canariculture. After a couple of years, choose an easy breed, and there are in every group of Canaries. I would start with one or a maximum of two types of colored canaries, trying to learn as much as possible about them, talking to experts (naturally selfless), visiting exhibitions and breeding. Having become a culture, the way forward is easy and certainly profitable.
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  5. Zingoni ha aggiunto un messaggio nella discussione I introduce myself   

    A heartfelt thanks to the whole forum, to all the staff. They were all perfect from a professional and human point of view. This is the good ornithophilia that we must value.
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  6. Zingoni ha aggiunto un messaggio nella discussione Auguri di buon compleanno a Sonia.Bas   

    Happy Birthday
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  7. Zingoni ha aggiunto un topic in Presentazione   

    I introduce myself
    I introduce myself after looking for you ..... I'm Zingoni, I've been a big fan of ornithophilia for a long time. I was born in Italy but for many years I have lived in England. I am very interested in the observation of captive birds. I have been breeding Finches for a very long time. I wish you a good breeding to all of you who read, registered in this Forum. Clear skies at all
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